About Us


The Launch Group is in a unique space, showcasing everything from creative design, pre through post production, event management, technical direction, on-site show execution, equipment and labor, all under one roof. By bringing this comprehensive and streamlined approach to the market, The Launch Group saves meeting planners time, money and stress.

What are our areas of expertise?

  • Strategic Creative Development
  • Production Design & Management
  • Digital Content Creation/Graphic Animation
  • Full Video Production
  • Entertainment
  • Scenic Design & Fabrication
  • Audio Visual Services
  • Themed Event Production & Coordination

What sets us apart?

  • The integrity of our communication stays in tact from beginning to end.
  • We have a full time team of experts focused on customization and story through line, not a cookie cutter process.
  • We are dynamic and effective because our process is fluid and collaborative.

What are the biggest challenges our clients face?

  • The magnitude of details they manage¬†and projects they handle during the entire event process.
  • The numerous stakeholders invested in the outcome of their events.
  • Striving to deliver powerful¬†content year-after-year that engages the audience.

What makes it fun for us?

  • We love creating experiences that deliver our client’s messages.
  • We are passionate about coming up with ideas that really inspire & connect with our clients and their attendees.
  • We enjoy pushing the envelope and exploring all the tools in our toolbox to deliver our client’s message.
  • We love to collaborate to come up with some of the most creative solutions to our client’s unique challenges.

Our team of Explorers, Visionaries, Inventors & Collaborators are ready to launch your event.