The Financial & Insurance Conference Planners (FICP) is an association of key meeting planners and hospitality partners representing America’s leading Financial Services companies.  One of their major events each year is the Education Forum

Launch! has produced the past 2 years of educational forums for FICP, so this years meeting in Washington DC was a welcomed and appreciated opportunity. FICP had the theme and logo for the event but turned to Launch to bring the show to life. We began by creating a set design. We looked at their theme, logo, content, and location then created a set that highlighted all of these.

A two-screen set was created to showcase the politically influenced content. We constructed the set to resemble a White House pressroom, complete with ornate crown molding and hard stage walls. We noticed the FICP logo included fun splashes of color and iconic imagery of Washington DC. We wanted to bring that to life, so we adding a faux window to the center of the stage. The window let the attendees gaze out over the city via a high-resolution panoramic photo. With a little doctoring to the color of the photo, we tied the look and feel of the logo, into the staging.

After that we moved on to creating lighting and audio designs. We also focused on a show flow that made best use of the host, speakers and content. Once onsite we rehearsed, coached and adapted with the client to pull the show together. Each cue was constructed to help tell the story our client. In a live setting nothing can be left to chance, so every part of the meeting was orchestrated to deliver maximum impact in a fail-safe environment.

The end result was a fantastic FICP educational forum. The story, content and even look and feel received high marks by attendees. We are looking forward to our next exciting opportunity to work with FICP again.


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