When it comes to staging a corporate event, it takes expert planning, design, and production. That is what makes the difference between a pinnacle event and an unappealing one that employees see as an extension of work. We at the launch! Group employ full-time professionals with years of experience to ensure your corporate event runs seamlessly and leaves a sharp impact on guests.

Our state of the art creative production facility based in Orlando, FL is outfitted with the latest software (Auto Cad, VIZ, Photoshop, PPT, Keynote) and production equipment (audio, lighting, video). In the hands of our experienced team, launch! creates memorable events custom-made for the client.

Even when space is limited, we can turn out an extraordinary event. A perfect example is an event we recently put together for the FICP eduction forum at the Ritz Carlton New Orleans. Due to the limited space, staging was a crucial component. Once the client explained to us their concept, our team created a 3-D art rendering of the ballroom. Our staff designers then created a computer-aided design (CAD) of the room. These two elements provide clients with a detailed image of the staging concept we are proposing, including lighting, seating, stage layout, and more.

Once the client approved our designs, extensive build drawings were generated and delivered to our scenic department for construction. The backstage areas of the ballroom were so tightly cramped, our team pieced the set elements together on-site so they could be easily installed and removed. Space may have been limited, but our team made it work!

We understand the importance of lighting and all of the nuances that go along with it. Lighting can transform an event. Use the wrong colors or brightness, and the message and goals of the meeting can be lost on an audience. Oftentimes, corporate meetings and events can last days, all in the same space. Spice things up a bit by changing the lighting and you’ll be able to easily hold everyone’s attention and properly engage them. Below is an example of the lighting design and changes we used at the FICP event!

Our client-focused team delivers results like this every time! Contact us for your next corporate event and let us make your dream event a reality!