The Super Bowl is just one of many iconic events held in the United States. One of the best aspects of the Super Bowl events are the star studded halftime shows. While many viewers are enjoying the dazzling spectacle of lights and scenery for its pure entertainment value, our team members at the launch! Group are thinking about all of the hard work that goes into putting on such a production. We know there are many ways to put on a production, but it’s choosing and implementing appropriate facets are the key to hosting a successful halftime show, which can make ratings soar.

Our executive creative director and VP of development, Dennis Morgan, thought Katy Perry was the right choice. He validated this statement by reminding me that with 64.3 million Twitter followers, Katy Perry is able to reach a large target market. Dennis also said,

“She didn’t perform above her talent. She’s a talented enough performer to know when to push the limits and when to sit in the comfort zone. She sat in the pocket and knocked it out of the park. She perfectly performed her brand of soft-serve sexiness that has become her calling card.” With Katy performing a selection of her recent hits, she was able to keep the performance relevant and lively, all the while using multiple entertaining props, pyrotechnics, spectacular lighting, and video. All of which created what Dennis calls “The perfect immersive experience for the crowd of viewers at home.”

Other team members of the launch! Group enjoyed the production techniques such as pixel mapping and patterns that gave the stage the illusion of movement, and the glowing beach balls with coordinated coloring. Both techniques were perfectly suited for events with a large amount of space to cover, but perhaps the most amazing component of the Super Bowl halftime show was and will always be the agility of the volunteers and crew members who organize and execute the production in such a timely manner.


What was your favorite technical part of the Super Bowl halftime show? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!