It has been a wonderful experience partnering with the Hologic team. For 5 years, we have enjoyed creating unique ways to deliver their goals. This was a special year, because we saw an opportunity to change the way the CEO presented his materials. After working with him, developing material and exploring his delivery style, we proposed an in-the-round stage design. This design played to his strengths as a presenter and created a more intimate atmosphere that felt much more personable to the attendees. During the rehearsal process, we provided speaker coaching and stage blocking. The result was a huge success. The client loved how he was able to connect to the audience and received rave reviews for his command of the stage and materials. This is what we enjoy; it’s the fuel that keeps us going. Understanding our clients, helping them grow, and developing unique and compelling ways to deliver the key information; that will spark motivation long after the meeting ends. We can’t wait for the next and future meetings with the Hologic team.
Program Snapshot

Location: Hilton Orlando; Orlando Ballrooms I-III for General Session/Awards Night After Party

Number of Attendees: 1,700 total attendees

Seating: Theater In the Round for General Session, Classroom for Divisional Sessions, Rounds for Awards

  • 4 screen show
  • 4 divisional mini mains for 330 attendees in each
  • Custom PowerPoints for General Session and Awards
  • Custom Graphics, Audio and Lighting
  • Speaker Coaching
  • Blocking and Rehearsals for Executives for General Session and Awards
  • Custom Motivational Videos
  • Supporting graphics for show theme logo
  • Custom design and fabricated set
  • Custom video incentive trip reveal
  • Breakouts including audio, video, staging
  • Entertainment from America’s Got Talent™ supported by an interactive DJ

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