Our relationship with Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. spans over 5 years and has seen a massive amount of change and growth. This was a small pharmaceutical company that has grown sustainably during our time together. Budgets have remained tight but their image as a technologically advanced pharmaceutical company has increased. The challenge moving forward is to find a way to create a stage design that delivers content and showcases their heightened image. This year we not only included a custom stage design themed to the meeting location but also added three LCD screens. The screens provided additional support to the presentations. The images on the screens would change, acting as visual bullet points for the audience. The addition of the screens gave us additional content to work with the client on and help them to create a deliver a clear and concise message. As Spectrum continues to grow, we will deliver design elements that create and present a clear and concise message, driving ROI and engagement.
Program Snapshot

Location:Arizona Grand Hotel; Sonoran Sky Ballroom

Number of Attendees: 120 total attendees; Rounds for all sessions

  • 2 screen show with 3 LCD TVs
  • Custom PowerPoints for General Session and Awards
  • Custom Graphics, Audio and Lighting
  • Speaker Coaching
  • Blocking and Rehearsals for Executives for General Session and Awards
  • Custom Video Opener
  • Supporting graphics for show theme logo
  • Custom design and fabricated set
  • Custom video incentive trip reveal
  • Breakouts including audio, video, staging

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