Audio Visual Equipment

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We own the latest technology and have a team of full-time technical leads to manage that technology.

From audio and video engineers to lighting designers, electricians, and programmers, our technical team are experts in large-scale lighting, sound and video.

From each rigging point, elevation, slide transition, lens size, lighting patch, camera angle, work lights, directions to the loading dock, EVERYTHING is covered. Day in and day out – this is what we do.

Audio Visual Equipment and general session meeting in a convention center

Pro Audio

Whether a concert, general session or breakout session (virtual or in-person), live television production or film premier, we own a large inventory of technical equipment that can be designed for any size production and for any venue– whether ballroom, boardroom, arena or poolside.

Pro Lighting

An integral component of every event, great professional lighting goes beyond illumination — it defines environments, highlights products, creates moods, signals movements, produces drama, and spurs excitement. Launch’s pro lighting begins with planning and careful, appropriate, aesthetic design.

We offer full-service design and execution

  • Planning and plots, design specs, programming, CAD layouts and drawings and rigging plans — for simple or complex lighting systems

  • Every show is designed, drawn and patched in house

  • Every detail is managed by our technical designers and electricians to ensure a perfect show

after event banquet with projection screens surrounding the attendees

Projection and Video

Launch owns a full complement of laser projectors, just about any screen size. If we don’t have it in our inventory, we will make it! We also have all the necessary switching equipment and LED Wall systems that provide exciting design and entertainment elements to your meeting or event.
From wide screen multi-projector blends with advanced windowing technology, our video team will work with you to master your needs and determine the right equipment, the proper routing, switching, monitoring, media support and crew.

Only the Best

We offer equipment that include some of the best and most well-known brands in the business.

Only the best for our clients!

  • Audio: Yamaha, L’Accoustics, JBL, Clear Com, RCF, Shure, QSC, AKG, Midas

  • Lighting: Martin, Highend Systems, Chauvet, Elation, ETC, Lepracon

  • Video: Barco, Christie, Stumpfl, Daylight, Panasonic, Sony,

A man pushing some wheeled video and sound equipment for a live event
A member of the launch group building a live event's stage
A team member of The Launch Group smiling as he works with some stage elements