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With every opportunity we look forward to the challenge of reinventing content. We want to present fresh ideas and concepts to our clients and their attendees.

Themed graphics for a live event

This show was comprised of one general session, several breakouts and two evening award galas. Our creative team designed and supported custom sets, graphics, video production, awards ceremony décor and breakout sessions.

A rendering of a design for creative services for an event


We work with our clients to create themed graphics that drive the look and feel of the entire program. This legacy client wanted a unique concept to deliver content to their attendees. They loved the idea of a “News Set” design, and we brought it to life.

Launch discovery calls ensure that our client’s goals and vision are acknowledged and implemented, and that their story continues to progress from year-to-year.

Once the rendering is approved, our design technicians produce the construction drawings.


From Conception to Completion

From there, all construction elements are built in our 60,000 sq. ft. scenic shop.

CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings of a couple of design elements planned to be built
CAD Drawings of construction elements that are to be built for a personalized event

Construction Elements

Construction elements as they are being built at the Launch Group's facility
The set up of a customized creative elements during construction
Construction elements for creative development for a live event


The results were stunning.

Our team had five hours to turn the room.

With lighting adjustments, sympathetic graphics, and themed decor, the awards program was transformed into a night of elegance.

A set of three screens for a live event
Theme and branding elements set up with tables during a live event

It’s imperative that all from registration to general session to awards ceremony to breakout sessions, there is a continuity to the theme and branding elements.

For example, linens and centerpieces support the graphic designs on the screen.