Digital Media

Graphics and Animation

Our team understands the importance of your brand and message.

We work with you to ensure that from registration to general session to breakout sessions to auxiliary events, your entire meeting or event, whether virtual, hybrid or in-person is consistently representing your brand.

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Design Elements That Represent Your Brand

Digital media represents various types of design elements: digital logo creation, motion graphics, PowerPoint design, and transitions.

Our video production team and design team work hand-in-hand to produce the design elements that complement your presentations and content.

The Launch Group helps you stay on message whether we are supporting your set designs, audiovisual equipment, video production, or graphics.

Motion Graphics

graphic design elements - Motion graphics

Motion graphics focus on giving movement to graphic design elements, which can build your message to make it more engaging and entertaining.

We focus on using motion graphics within your presentations to bring statistical data to life, to outline or emphasize details and to better illustrate a specific point a speaker is trying to make to the audience.