Project Management

Live & Virtual Show Production

The Launch Group’s Executive Producers and Creative Directors manage specific meeting elements such as detailed show flows, choreographed rehearsals, and floor plan designs to produce ROI and elevate engagement. This leads to greater interaction between all stakeholders, executives, and attendees.

Our process is the cornerstone of successful outcomes.

Project Management - The Launch Group 2
Project Management - The Launch Group 1
Project Management - The Launch Group 3

Bringing Your Vision To Life

During Discovery, our team asks poignant questions to pinpoint your exact goals so that we, together, can accomplish what your executive team and/or invested stakeholders have requested and what you hope to communicate to your audience.

Your Vision

We want to hear YOUR vision.
It’s our job to listen to your ideas and understand how you want them delivered.

Encouraging Evolution

We have a passion to create emotional experiences that motivate people to grow and create positive change.

During Creation, we ensure that each element of your meeting or event, from the graphics, animation, scenic design, audiovisual and presentation equipment, video production, and/or show direction, complements the goals we discussed in our Discovery.

Creative Thinkers

We always search for the greatest impact with the freshest idea.

Bringing Ideas to Life

In working with you, we develop a strategic plan to provide a simple process that will result in a successful outcome.

Launching Your Success!

We call event execution a LAUNCH of your success! It’s a sweet combination of your vision and our experience.

We work with clients to increase engagement and drive results.

What does success look like to our clients?

  • A creative discovery and exploratory process to develop story evolution.

  • Understanding the client’s goals in order to collaborate and partner to achieve results.

  • Achieving memorable experiences, changed behavior and perpetual growth for attendees.