Virtual Conference Platform

Virtual Event Production

The Launch Group is your partner in virtual meeting experiences.

The same care goes into any project we produce. In the end, it’s about the attendee journey. We want to help you create an experience.

We are here to support you in creating impactful digital experiences that drive engagement and connection the way that a live event would.

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Recording a performance on a green screen for a virtual event
Full Green Screen Production Studio with person on green screen with video operator and teleprompter
Presenter being recorded in front of a mobile green screen

Virtual Conference Platform

Studio and on-location

If used thoughtfully and with careful planning, virtual meetings can be extremely effective in achieving your objectives.

  • Our 6,000 sq. ft. production studio and sound stage include an infinite green screen and LED wall stage with a full complement of TV and theatrical lighting, complete audio and video systems, high definition broadcast cameras and teleprompter capabilities.

  • If you can’t make it to us, we can bring the green screen studio to you. We can bring a portable set up to your home office or business office location.

  • Taking that a step further, we can bring a full-scale set to you in a ballroom, convention center or business office space.

You have the option to stream or pre-record your presentations from our studio or from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Whether you use your own platform or ours, we are here to support you in exploring those options.

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Let Us Customize Your Screen

Our specialty is creative design and customization.

We can create skins and overlays that represent your brand and color scheme. We can create beautiful backgrounds that populate so that presenters live in all types of possible environments. We are focused on creating this piece.

No template limitations

Customized designs

Engage your audience

Represent your brand

Customized Computer Screen Designs
Customized Website Event Landing Page
Customized Computer Screen View
Customized Computer Screen View for Event Presentation
Virtual Presentation Kit
Virtual Presentation Kit

Launch Presentation Kit

We understand that you may have several or all virtual presenters from various locations all around the world.

The Launch Presentation Kit is tailored to keep consistency throughout your presentation.

  • Our presentation kits provide the same great professional look from their home or office.

  • We ship the kit directly to the presenter with step-by-step instructions and best practice techniques to launch your virtual success.

  • Every presenter has an on-call setup technician to help you along the way.

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Virtual Tech Lead Coordinating Zoom Meeting
Virtual Streaming Technology on Computer Screen
Man standing in front of green screen with graphic background
Man in front of green screen with teleprompter and video services

Quicker Connectivity and Optimal Streaming

We have Proprietary Access to 270 Servers Worldwide!

Launch’s Video Streaming Service Partner is Dacast:

Dacast is a “Streaming as a Service” platform. The platform provides both live streaming solutions and video hosting or Video on Demand component.

Dacast uses the Top-Tier Akamai CDN (Content Delivery Network) for all content distribution to viewers:

As the largest CDN in the world, Akamai operates more than 240,000 servers located in over 130 countries globally.

The Dacast Platform also offers secure video uploading for your video content:

To create the video production that we stream and record on the Dacast service, we use Wirecast Pro v. 13. Our Systems use 12 Core AMD Ryzen 9 processing with 24 threads and 64 gigs of ram.

Wirecast puts it all together:

Everything is stored on Dacast. Then we point your attendees where to go to view the Dacast feed, like a website where you login with a password or go to Zoom, Team or Facebook Live to view the presentation. The attendee has to have a portal to get the stream.