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The Launch Group is a creative services and event production company.
We produce experiences, both live and virtual, including business meetings, incentive programs, breakout sessions and entertainment. We are a team of creative and technical talent focused with one mission: to provide the finest, most innovative production and creative solutions, flawless execution and unparalleled client service.

Our Services

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Full service! 

Every step of our process is under one roof: show development including story line; show theme; graphic design; video production; scripting; show flows and scheduling; program design; space planning; scenic construction; lighting and rigging design; equipment specification for our vast inventory of pro audio, theatrical lighting and projection equipment.


Creating experiences!

Your vision is the top priority for our creative team. Bringing that vision to life is our mission.

Launch’s team of experts carefully craft your event design utilizing a vast array of customized and interactive solutions. 

  • Engaging audiences

  • Customized solutions

  • Delivering powerful content

  • Collaborative

Meet the team


Building personal and authentic connections!

We enjoy our relationships, and we are passionate about creating experiences that truly inspire and connect people.

The Launch Group team works with you to increase engagement with your audiences and drive results. We believe you have a story to tell, and we are dedicated to bringing that unique story to life.

Launch Has a 30-Year History of Innovation

Innovation and creative meeting architecture are the cornerstones for every project we undertake. 30 years of successful launches are a testament to that fact. We are proud of our story, and we never stop learning. Creating consistent results with intuitive knowledge, a global perspective, and a personalized approach.  

Larry Epstein, President of The Launch Group, started Paradise Show & Design, a full-service staging, and production company, in the mid-1980s, to service the emerging Convention Industry in Orlando, Florida.  The team worked with clients like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World, meeting producers, creative agencies, and concert promoters to provide services such as rigging, lighting, audio, projection systems, scenic design, and space planning.

Larry has always aligned his business to the customers’ needs, and naturally, the business prospered.  As the meeting and events industry in Orlando began to grow, he began to see inefficiencies and tremendous markups. There was something missing, and so Launch was born, in the middle of the 2009 downturn no less, and Larry hasn’t looked back!

Over the last 30 years, our team has developed show themes, creative concepts supported by graphic creation, equipment specification, scenic design, lighting and rigging plots, video editing, scripting, show flows, and blocking.


Our Core Values


“We deliver a consistent, trustworthy experience every time.” 

Launch is truly full service.  Our full-time team includes producers, stage managers, graphic designers, video editors, accountants, projectionists, audio and lighting experts, scenic carpenters and even truck drivers…all for one reason, Consistency.


“Our clients trust us with their clients… that’s everything to us.” 

We are logistical masters, delivering day after day through planning and planning and even more planning. We are creating experiences that demonstrate a level of exceptional quality, craftmanship and expertise. 


“We protect our clients and always seek economies.” 

We are dedicated in our service to others, always treating everyone with respect and gratitude.

We build up those around us with a sense of humility, positivity, and professionalism.

What Sets Us Apart?

A cookie-cutter approach won’t do.

We convene at the intersection of innovative technology and creative thinking to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.   

Theatricality is in our blood; we each have a theatre or performance background. We create and produce LIVE shows for a living – No second chances. No excuses. No exceptions, 3, 2, 1. GO!